What is the Difference Between a Car Workshop Manual and a Factory Service Manual?

What is the Difference Between a Car Workshop Manual and a Factory Service Manual?

As a car owner, you must be knowledgeable about the importance of having a car manual. It is a manual that contains all the information about your car, common issues that may arise in your car, and how to diagnose and fix them in time. These car manuals also contain instructions about how to repair, service and maintain your car, and how to operate it responsibly so that any issues can be avoided for long. However, when you actually search for a car manual, you will find two different types of them, car workshop manuals and factory service manuals. If you don’t know the difference between the two, you will be confused about which one to get.

Here are a few points on which they differ from each other.

Who Created Them?

The major difference between a car workshop manual and a factory service manual lies in the fact that who created them. Car workshop manuals are created and designed by auto experts and engineers who have a certain degree of expertise in the field, so that they can give information to the car workshop owners and workers. Many car workshops refer to these manuals to conduct certain repairs in their clients’ cars.

On the contrary, as their name suggests, factory service manuals are sourced directly from the car manufacturer’s factories. They are created by the car’s designers and manufacturers only, which means they are solely intended for your particular car make and model.

While car workshop manuals are generalized and cover general issues and repair jobs in cars, your factory service manual has information exactly about your car and its parts. When auto mechanics cannot find a solution to your car’s problem in a car workshop manual, they refer to a factory service manual to get an in-depth understanding of your particular car make.

Information Provided

Another major difference between the two types of manuals lies in the information contained in them. While car workshop manuals contain general information about all cars, factory service manuals are dedicated to your particular car make and model only.

Car workshop manuals often include the following details:

  • Instructions to diagnose and fix common car problems
  • Instructions to service and maintain the car
  • Information about general auto parts and their functions
  • Maintenance schedule recommendations
  • General safety precautions
  • Suggestions to prolong life and avoid issues

When it comes to factory service manuals, they also include all the above-mentioned details. But apart from that, they also contain some information that is specific to your car make and model. These include:

  • Any special features or functions included in your car
  • Exact placement of different components in your car
  • Detailed repair instructions with diagrams
  • Any special features that you can take advantage of in your car’s model

Where to Get it from?

Factory service manuals come directly from your car’s manufacturing company, and most of the companies can provide it for free at the dealership by request if your car is under 10 years old. If you did not get one or you lost it, you can contact your car manufacturer’s showroom to give you a copy. On the other hand, car workshop manuals are general manuals that are easily available at any car workshop or auto repair shop.

For factory service manuals, if your car is over 10 years old it is unlikely your dealership will still carry the manual, however you can still download free factory service manuals online.

Whether you are looking for a factory service manual or a car workshop manual. Just make sure that the manual you download is reliable and in good quality, so that you don’t regret it later.